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Not only is Lawn Ace committed to providing premium service for Georgia and South Carolina residents, but we also believe that it’s important to provide you with resources that can help you navigate and understand common lawn and insect control challenges.

Our resource center is here to help.

This lawn care resource center is readily available and prepared by our highly-trained technicians. Check back often for more resources.

General Lawn Care Maintenance

What is the Best Way to Mow?

We recommend you avoid mowing when your lawn is wet. Primarily, it’s best to set your mower blades between 3 and 5 inches for best results. Mowing your grass too short can expose the grass roots and soil to infestations. For best results, never cut more than ⅓ the length of your blades of grass. Remember to also keep your blades sharp to ensure a clean cut as opposed to a jagged tear. This will keep your grass from turning yellow or brown due to dull blades. In addition, avoid leaving clumps of clippings stationary in one spot of your yard. Large piles of clippings not only impede your lawn’s look but also offer warmth for lawn pests like chinch bugs, fleas, and ticks.

How Often Should I Water my Grass?

First, let’s address timing. The best time to water your lawn is in the wee hours of the morning through 10 a.m. While some recommend watering in the evening, we’ve found that this practice prevents your lawn from completely drying. On average, strive to moisten your grass and soil with 4 to 8 inches of water two to three days each week while also factoring in rainfall.

Common Tree and Shrub Diseases

What Types of Pests Threaten Trees and Shrubs?

The types of pests heavily depend upon the types of trees and shrubs you have on your property. A few examples include borers insects that target weakened trees and mites and insects that attach themselves to shrub and plant leaves, as well as trees. Mites are more common in hot dry weather and can negatively impact growth.

Grass Diseases Common in South Carolina and Georgia

What Are Some Common Grass Diseases?

There are a variety of grass diseases that can develop when your lawn does not receive proper nutrients. The most common is brown patches that form in certain areas of your yard. This is most common during hot and humid seasons and is caused by a fungus that forms. If your soil is unhealthy, you may also notice that rot has set in, causing yellow or brown patches.

Aeration Facts

How Should I Prepare My Lawn for Aeration?

Whether you opt for liquid aeration or core aeration, the best way to prepare your lawn is to water to the point that the soil is most, but not muddy. This allows the professionals at Lawn Ace to properly aerate and reduce soil compaction.

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Have more questions? Lawn Ace is happy to add to our resource center or discuss your lawn care needs with you personally. Contact us today!

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