THE LAWN ACE ADVANTAGE Eliminate weeds without putting in the effort each week.

Lawn Ace’s weed control program targets weeds that are negatively impacting your lawn. We utilize the best industry practices to control weeds with liquid treatments that both eliminate weeds through the leaves as well as sink down into the soil to the “ROOT” of the problem.



Reviving Lawns Year Round

When you pull into your driveway, the last thing you want to see is yellow grass, brown spots, and unsightly weeds. That’s why Lawn Ace has incorporated weed control into all of our lawn programs. We get that weeds are bound to sprout up here and there, but when you enlist the services of our highly trained team, we make it a top priority to make these instances few and far between. Also, when weeds do come back, so do we...for FREE! We’re not satisfied until you are!

LawnAce weed control

Top-Notch Lawn Care Programs

We not only prioritize weed control at Lawn Ace, but we also make it a key part of our year-round lawn care programs. In addition to weed control, all of our lawn programs include balanced time-release fertilizers, which are extremely safe and effective, and pre-emergent weed control, which places a barrier in the soil to prevent over 100 of the most common weeds from ever surfacing in the first place!

Eliminating Weeds One Step at a Time

Unsightly weeds not only affect your curb appeal, but can also diminish the health and thickness of your lawn. That’s why our Lawn Ace PRO and GROW treatment plans always include ongoing weed control. With each step of our programs, you’ll find that weed control is essential. The fewer weeds you have throughout your lawn, the more your soil and grass benefits and continues to thrive, producing lush, green grass all season long from year to year.

Why is Weed Control Essential?

It’s no secret that weeds can impede the look of your yard and negatively impact your curb appeal, but did you also know that weeds can open the door for additional problems? From the health of your soil and grass roots to the growth of your trees and shrubs, weeds can affect your green spaces a lot.

Weeds often restrict the growth of your grass, flowers, and plants. If not treated, weeds can bring out a less-than-stellar look that may include dead patches of grass, brown spots, and other fungal infestations. In some cases, weeds can even block the path of water in your drainage pipes, causing even more problems both on the interior and exterior of your home.

When weeds take over your lawn, your grass roots and soil are more susceptible to pests and diseases. Don’t give insects a place to reside. Contact Lawn Ace to control those weeds for good.


Taking Lawn Care to a Winning Level

Are you ready to revive your lawn and bring out the best of your green spaces? Contact Lawn Ace today to enroll in one of our comprehensive programs. Lawn Ace is also proud to provide our residential customers with the following add-on services:

  • Mosquito Control Program
  • Fertilization
  • Tree & Shrub Care
  • Grub Control
  • Insect Control
  • Flea and Tick Control
  • Fire Ant Control
  • Weed Control

Discover the LAWN ACE difference!

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