LawnAce does a great job

LawnAce does a great job at keeping our yard looking great! Every technician has been polite, on time, and thorough in treating our yard for weeds, fertilization, and aeration. Two years ago, our yard was only weeds and one of the worst in the neighborhood. I was embarrassed pulling into the driveway. Now, I get compliments all the time on how nice our yard looks and how green the grass is. Our yard is one of the best on the street. I haven’t done anything except mow it, so I know that LawnAce has brought my lawn these accolades! Not to mention, their price was much lower than the national companies in the area. Plus, LawnAce is a local, homegrown business in the Augusta area. They really care about your lawn. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to make their yard look great!